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At Designer Family Dentistry, we can provide high-quality, natural-looking crowns and bridges to restore or replace damaged and missing teeth.

In the world of dentistry, crowns and bridges are commonly used to restore or replace damaged and missing teeth. A dental crown is a covering or cap that fits over a decayed or damaged tooth or can be used to replace a missing tooth. Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth in a row that are between healthy, natural teeth.

Dental Crowns

A crown or a “cap” is a tooth-shaped structure used to cover a damaged tooth or replace a missing one. When used to restore a tooth, the crown will “cap” the structure and protect it against injury or damage. If the crown is used to replace a tooth, a dental implant will first be surgically placed in the jaw, and the crown will be attached. Crowns are also be used to support dental bridges.

When placing a crown, we will start by removing a small amount of tooth enamel to allow the crown to fit properly. If the crown is being used to replace a tooth, a dental implant will first be installed.


Bridges are used to replace multiple teeth in a row. A bridge is supported by two dental crowns placed on healthy teeth at either end of the bridge. The replacement teeth will sit in the middle and “bridge” the gap created by missing teeth. With the strong support from the crowns, a dental bridge will stay strong and secure.

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I've been going to this practice for over a decade and give them my highest quality recommendation if you are looking for a top notch dental experience you'll be very happy with them!

Karen E.

I love this dental office! Everyone is super friendly. They usually take me in in less than 10 minutes. My cleaning appointments are always painless and very thorough. Annual membership is extremely affordable and I don't have to deal with insurance companies. The office itself is always impeccably clean and has a modern look and feel. I highly recommend this company.

Susan W.

Very friendly and professional office. Dentists and hygienists work to provide you with a treatment plan that is in your best interest. They don't try to overcharge for services and they care about patients well being. I would highly recommend this office in Delray Beach and Dr. Quesada.
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