Root Canal Therapy

When Do I Need A Root Canal?

A root canal will be the necessary treatment when decay has gone undetected for an extended period of time and has reached the pulp of the tooth. In some situations, the decay will even reach into the root and the surrounding bone structure. This decay will be accompanied by incredible pain. A root canal is the dentist’s best option for preserving a natural tooth that has extensive decay. Some symptoms that may indicate a need for a root canal include hyper-sensitivity to extreme temperatures, sensitivity to sweets, swelling of the gums or mouth, a painful sensation when biting, or a bad taste in your mouth.

What Is A Root Canal?

The dentist will clean out the decayed pulp that lies within the root of the tooth. After the infection has been cleared out and the whole area cleaned thoroughly, the dentist will fill the empty cavity of the tooth in order to prevent against further infection. Often, he will complete a root canal with a core build up and then cover the tooth with a crown. Recent advances in technology and training allows a skillful dentist to perform a root canal with minimal discomfort. While the root canal was seriously dreaded in years past, it has become a fairly routine procedure.