Dr. Natalie Pennington

Since graduating from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry, Dr. Natalie Pennington has provided high quality comprehensive care for the entire family. Her goal is to discover and then prioritize your immediate and long-term goals.

Dr. Pennington believes in the importance of establishing a long-term doctor-patient relationship that is built upon compassion, trust, and communication. She will relieve any immediate pain or discomfort, but also develop a plan to ensure you have a functional, healthy, and aesthetic smile throughout your lifetime by offering all the various facets of dentistry.

Dr. Pennington believes that your smile is the gateway to your body and also the initial and lasting impression you present to the world. Every patient and tooth is different and needs to be treated accordingly.

Dr. Pennington constantly strives to perfect her skills. She pays attention to detail to ensure every step is accurate. She is currently enrolled in the Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

As passionate as Dr. Pennington is about aesthetic dentistry, she also is passionate about overall health and well-being. Dr. Pennington loves to train with weights and finds time to work out at the gym everyday. She also enjoys meditation.