Lifetime Guarantee

Warranty on Our Dental Work

At Designer Family Dental, we stand behind every dental service we provide to our patients, from teeth whitening and family dentistry to more complex procedures such as treatment for implants and root canals. When you visit our office, you can expect to receive nothing short of the best. Our dentists provide exceptional care … it is our passion and our mission.

We are confident in our quality of work and support it with a Lifetime Guarantee!  Our guarantee applies to all dental work performed at Designer Family Dental including fillings, crowns, bridges and dental implants. You will be entitled to lifetime protection against breakage, loosening or detachment, or any defect in materials or placement technique.

All work performed by all Designer Family Dental practitioners is covered. Therefore, even if your original practitioner is no longer with Designer Family Dental, the dental work is still guaranteed and another practitioner will provide follow-up treatment as needed.

We offer this guarantee because we are committed to long term solutions for your dental concerns. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your teeth between visits to help you maintain the beautiful work we do in our office. In order to remain eligible for our guarantee, it is important that you follow all at-home care instructions and keep up with preventative care appointments.

Additional Benefits:  

  • Teeth Whitening for Life
  • Root Canal – If the root canal fails within two years we will credit monies paid toward an implant or bridge
  • Limited Warranty on Denture and Partials: 3 years for repairs due to normal wear and tear

We will repair, replace, or provide a credit for the restorative dental treatment rendered based on the following guide lines.  Failure to fulfill the following requirements will void the dental treatment warranty.

Terms & Conditions Apply*