We Want To Avoid Extractions

The loss of even one tooth can have several implications for your health and appearance. Obviously, a missing tooth will cause your smile to look much different. It can even make you hesitant to smile or speak in public situations. Also, when a tooth is missing, the underlying bone structure begins to dissolve away. Without a doubt, our first goal is always to avoid an extraction if possible.

Sometimes Extractions Are Unavoidable

In spite of the best efforts of you and your dentist, in some cases it may be necessary to extract a tooth. This necessity may be brought about by severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, serious infection, a fractured tooth, or a tooth that has been impacted into the gums.

The Extraction Process

Even when an extraction must be done, a skilled dentist is typically able to complete the extraction with minimal discomfort and pain. The use of anesthesia, modern training techniques, and advanced equipment has made tooth extractions far less dramatic than they once were. In cases of advanced complexity, your dentist may refer you to a specialist. Once the extraction is completed, it will be important for you to carefully follow the post-extraction recovery instructions.